Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crone, Unplugged and Leaking Urine

How frustrating for Lunesta (aka SpeakerNancy, Auntie Pasto, Mellifluous, Contempo, MeiMei, nee Tempo).

Ever since the Dallas Playboy pulled his little stopper out, she's been victimized by every mean person posting at BOTF and P-Fray. SpendidIreny, Topazz, Dalton, CatNapping, Ci-inc, Isonomist, SouthernGal, MichaelRyerson, EnsleyHill, Ender, Schadenfreude, MaxFischerPlayers, DawnCoyote, Rundeep, Appolonius, LaurieAnnM-LeeMadison, DragonTat2, Sandalphon, MaryAnn, Ted_Burke, Angel, Artemesia, Denny, Switters, Twitter, Persephone, and just everybody.

Is there anyone who hasn't attacked Crone Tempo? Tsk. Shame on you meanies.

And shame, shame, shame on you, MaryAnn, for using the big words!

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