Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Stand Corrected

Once and for all folks---there IS a Heartstorm Press.
by Inkberrow
01/19/2010, 7:07 PM

I think everyone can agree it is well-past time to write the ending to this sordid chapter of Fray history, and with this post I propose to do just that. Despite some uncharitable suggestions to the contrary over the years, I have learned not only that Heartstorm Press is a legitimate publishing house, but that its very name reflects the heroic struggle of its primary contributor to overcome seemingly unbearable heartbreak and loss, as the result of a painful divorce in late middle age. Loneliness, self-doubt, apprehension, anger, a gnawing sense of inadequacy and failure----these are the wages of virtually any divorce, under the best of circumstances. Now imagine the impact of unwished-for divorce upon a person who is otherwise the perfect person and spouse in every imaginable way. How does reconciling oneself to the Single Life Again in middle age really work for a beautiful, trim, slim, curvaceous, preternaturally youthful, witty, patriotic, progressive, multilingual, worldly, sophisticated, humor-filled, loving, generous, educated feminist yet insufficiently beloved spouse, who also happens to be a talented poet and a well-respected Fray regular?

The answer? Violent, wholesomely aggressive catharsis, by way of serial sexual improprieties and codependence with men of doubtful sincerity and worthiness, so as to inculcate a new feelings of superiority. And violent, aggressive catharsis in the form of heart-rending, stormy, lyric verse .....for Heartstorm Press, a legitimate publishing house created specifically to help pass the gall stone of divorce through creative visualization. Yea, the kidney stone of cruel failure, in the romantic relationship that matters most of all. (But let none call it a failure! More at mutual utility, if anything, a result to celebrate) Here once again after a long absence, is that signature poem which more than any other poem, by the writer who more than any other writer, made Heartstorm Press. The powerful piece which follows, by this woman, whose grit, single-mindedness, and raw courage unites with astonishing sensitivity and an undeniable poetic gift, will take the reader, like it or not, at breakneck speed through the very gamut of human emotions. And for those of us Fray regulars, a triumphant, celebrated career oeuvre is simultaneously explained and justified to anyone's satisfaction. Let no one henceforth dare question why she is what she is, or does what she is does. She shall tell us what is and is not, and we shall be the better for it, if within her ambit and good graces we are permitted to remain. Here, then, somewhat long, but well-worth the trip, is......

"N" is for Nightmares, by Colopoete (a nom de plume)
In Memoriam connubium, 2/15/98

Some nights are better
those nights when men
will come and stay,
blessing me with some company,
a respite from all this, but
some nights, men will not
come, or they come, but do not stay.

In their place slips the insidious
reminder, the chalk white
outline of Him from
the clouds, as white
as the White Cliffs of Dover,
chalky as White Sands---
though gypsum---
which so resembles tzatziki,
seen from thirty-thousand feet.

Then from the right side
of the three a.m. eye screen,
always from the right,
always one hand,
my dark quick hand
sleekly slides
the thin silver blade
(always from the right)
of a freshly sharpened knife

(like a midnight assassin, though
it is just before nine a.m.)

deftly across the neck of my
once-husband, our faithless
hawk-eyed pilot who wanted
nothing more than to fly his

elegant purple bird
across gleaming silver-blue
skies, sunny and cloud-lit,
to any place where I was not.

My dark hand completes
its slice, an elegant motion
corrupted by its deadly
mission, and
grabs the joystick
of his purple plane
as it heads for the hangar
of his glittering paramour

then, it falls to the cock-pit
floor, as my gleaming silver bird
knifes precisely into his
stunning, imperious lover,
Osterizer now.

The white neck slit,
the foul usurper's smirk
the deep blood flowing
the upscale catered food
and carafes of
Napa Valley red....all fall
together and melt,

Along with the now
black cloud, my melted
heart, complexes of
bitterness and hate,
thousands of days
thousands of nights
ten of thousands of posts
to unworthy posters on
unworthy fray boards

All surprised, all ash now
all bone, all gray now
all cloud. All dust now
one vast Cremation urn
on the mantle of a once-husband
caught fatally unaware.

Copyright Colopoete 2001, Heartstorm Press
Dedicated to all those who did not survive my marriage, and to my ex-husband, who did.

Friday, November 21, 2008

So Obama Wins

and the Hirsute Poetess has relationships to mend.

Will she apologize to the Obama-Bots?


Will she take back her abusive attacks?


Will she continue to make oblique racist references about the First Lady?


Friday, June 20, 2008

Fray Reruns

Diane is banned and LaurieAnn is drunk.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yes, Tempo.

You are the ancient Greek on P-fray, n'est-ce pas?

Re: Three Spring poems from ancient Greece
by White_Rabbit
03/29/2008,9:14 AM

No one wrote poetry quite like the ancient Greeks,
did they?

Some might say, "& they haven't since ..."
by Lunesta
03/29/2008,5:42 PM

btw, was that meant as a compliment? It was,
wasn't it? :-)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Not Again?


Inarguably the worst poet on the P-fray.

Consistently Tempo, she has presented a not so subtle hint for posters on BOTF to come to the P-fray and gush.

Some Historical Perspective


Trivial? Me?
by switters
03/29/2008,7:32 PM

That's hysterical, considering it's coming from a poster whose retarded musings almost immediately betray her identity, a poster who's been flushed so many times she should seriously consider changing her fray nic to "Kohler".

Kevin had you pegged dead to rights. I still suspect that the reason you accuse all your various detractors of being 1 poster using various nics is because you can't deal with the fact that most people here despise you because, well, you're so despicable. Good thing you're also mind-bogglingly inconsequential.

Question for you: Do insane people know they're insane? Or is that why they're insane? Because they don't know they're insane? Your thoughts?

Also, when you accuse a poster of being someone else, are you 100% positive that s/he is who you're accusing her/him of being? Are you absolutely certain of your claims beyond a shadow of a doubt? Because if you aren't 100% positive, that strikes me at the very least as being unethical, and at the very worst illegal. Ambulance chasers? Isn't there an aspect of libel or defamation in the fine print?

Finally, for someone who's been posting here as long as you have, it's not a little unsettling just exactly how "fray-stupid" you are. I'd try to explain what I mean by "fray-stupid", but it'd be pointless. Think of it as "fray-self-awareness".

And lastly, great poem, but I would've added one line at the end to put a positive spin on it:

4,000 dead men and women who are glad they're no longer alive because now there's no possibility of their ever having to read this poem.

Gives it that silver lining, hope, light at the end of the tunnel feel, don't you think? Well, I liked it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breaking News

1. California Dreamin' is SpiderMBA.

2. Someone forgot to tell Donald Rumsfeld.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Accepting Her Irrelevance

Tempo finally concedes her uselessness and lack of talent. Not that anyone has noticed. Perhaps she forgot to email everyone, or maybe they've just stopped looking in the Junk Folder.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Know You're Getting Old When

you can refer to a 50 year old woman as

"young, politically inexperienced,
sweet, and idealistically naive"

From Wikipedia

Kennedy is an attorney, editor, and writer. She is one of the founders of the Profiles in Courage Award, given annually to a person who exemplifies the type of courage examined in her father's Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name. The award is generally given to elected officials who, acting in accord with their conscience, risk their careers by pursuing a larger vision of the national, state or local interest in opposition to popular opinion or powerful pressures from their constituents. In May 2002, she presented an unprecedented Profiles in Courage Award to representatives of the NYPD, the New York City Fire Department, and the military as representatives of all of the people who acted to save the lives of others during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.[3]

Kennedy is currently President of the Kennedy Library Foundation,[4] a director of both the Commission on Presidential Debates and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and Honorary Chairman of the American Ballet Theatre. She is also an adviser to the Harvard Institute of Politics, a living memorial to her father.

In addition, Kennedy has represented her family at the funeral services of former Presidents Ronald Reagan in 2004 and Gerald Ford in 2007, and at the funeral service of former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson in 2007.

Caroline Kennedy also represented her family at the dedication of the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park in Little Rock, Arkansas in November 2004.

Kennedy and Ellen Alderman have written two books together on civil liberties:

In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights In Action (1990) and

The Right to Privacy (1995)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crone, Unplugged and Leaking Urine

How frustrating for Lunesta (aka SpeakerNancy, Auntie Pasto, Mellifluous, Contempo, MeiMei, nee Tempo).

Ever since the Dallas Playboy pulled his little stopper out, she's been victimized by every mean person posting at BOTF and P-Fray. SpendidIreny, Topazz, Dalton, CatNapping, Ci-inc, Isonomist, SouthernGal, MichaelRyerson, EnsleyHill, Ender, Schadenfreude, MaxFischerPlayers, DawnCoyote, Rundeep, Appolonius, LaurieAnnM-LeeMadison, DragonTat2, Sandalphon, MaryAnn, Ted_Burke, Angel, Artemesia, Denny, Switters, Twitter, Persephone, and just everybody.

Is there anyone who hasn't attacked Crone Tempo? Tsk. Shame on you meanies.

And shame, shame, shame on you, MaryAnn, for using the big words!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

All the Fray's a Stage

And most the posters merely posers.
They have their exits and their entrances;
And NightlyDrunk in her time plays many parts.

Will someone teach ~Loriboo~ where the spaces go when placing punctuation?

Tempo has been hiding on the BOTF polishing her ad hominum attacks. How many weeks in a row has the self-annointed Queen of the P-fray declined to write any critique of Pinsky's Picks or even of the Thursday OPP?

UPDATE: Loriboo has been deactivated again.