Friday, March 28, 2008

Not Again?


Inarguably the worst poet on the P-fray.

Consistently Tempo, she has presented a not so subtle hint for posters on BOTF to come to the P-fray and gush.

Some Historical Perspective


Trivial? Me?
by switters
03/29/2008,7:32 PM

That's hysterical, considering it's coming from a poster whose retarded musings almost immediately betray her identity, a poster who's been flushed so many times she should seriously consider changing her fray nic to "Kohler".

Kevin had you pegged dead to rights. I still suspect that the reason you accuse all your various detractors of being 1 poster using various nics is because you can't deal with the fact that most people here despise you because, well, you're so despicable. Good thing you're also mind-bogglingly inconsequential.

Question for you: Do insane people know they're insane? Or is that why they're insane? Because they don't know they're insane? Your thoughts?

Also, when you accuse a poster of being someone else, are you 100% positive that s/he is who you're accusing her/him of being? Are you absolutely certain of your claims beyond a shadow of a doubt? Because if you aren't 100% positive, that strikes me at the very least as being unethical, and at the very worst illegal. Ambulance chasers? Isn't there an aspect of libel or defamation in the fine print?

Finally, for someone who's been posting here as long as you have, it's not a little unsettling just exactly how "fray-stupid" you are. I'd try to explain what I mean by "fray-stupid", but it'd be pointless. Think of it as "fray-self-awareness".

And lastly, great poem, but I would've added one line at the end to put a positive spin on it:

4,000 dead men and women who are glad they're no longer alive because now there's no possibility of their ever having to read this poem.

Gives it that silver lining, hope, light at the end of the tunnel feel, don't you think? Well, I liked it.

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